This is not a trophy.

The presidency of the nation's largest
and most prestigious public college
is not a political prize.

This is not a trophy.

The presidency of the nation's largest
and most prestigious public college
is not a political prize.

SOS Miami Dade College

A Crisis in College's Presidential Search

In March, a search committee made up of students, professors, and non-profit and highly-regarded and business leaders, was appointed by the Miami Dade Board of Trustees to bring forth qualified candidates for the position of Miami Dade College President.

However, when it was time to make a selection for the college’s next president, the Board of Trustees abruptly ended the process, knowing the stakeholder 17-member search committee was dismissed, and announced they were starting anew under their own terms, none of which had been outlined to the public.

These indefensible and highly questionable actions taken by the Board of Trustees are a violation of the students, staff, and faculty’s due process rights under the Florida Constitution which jeopardizes the integrity of an institution of higher education. But more importantly, this is an unjustified highjacking of the very process which was set forth by the college’s own governing body.

wHAT is going to happen next?

This grassroots campaign called SOS Miami Dade College has been created by alumni and faculty, with the involvement of students and civil leaders, to mobilize the community to halt this tactical and illegitimate takeover of Miami Dade College. A group of faculty members have also sued the Board of Trustees, and have asked the Court to ensure the process is followed as it was designed and direct the board to choose from the four final candidates which were presented by the selection committee.


THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT HAVING A NEW PRESIDENT. This is an embarrassment for the community and the lowest point in the history of MDC, the largest college in the nation.

Take Action

Together we can win the fight to restore fairness and transparency to the presidential search process at MDC. Here’s what you can do NOW:

Sign the Petition. Write the Board of Trustees. Attend the next BOT meeting. Volunteer.

Sign the petition

Let the Board of Trustees know that the established process for the selection of Miami Dade College President must be reinstated. Sign the petition and share today.

Attend The Next Board Of Trustees Meeting

Watch democracy in action. Attend the next MDC Board of Trustees meeting in person.


Thursday, August 29, 2019 @ 9:00 AM


Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus
Room 2106

300 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33130

Write the newly appointed MDC Board of Trustees

Integrity matters. We need someone highly qualified as our college’s next president, NOT a political insider! Tell the Board of Trustees to reinstate the process and keep politics out of our college!

Carlos Migoya

Dr. Anay Abraham

Michael Bileca

Marcell Felipe

Nicole Washington

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